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Workshops for Afghan fire service

Between 3 and 16 December 2012, the Central School of the State Fire Service in Częstochowa hosted a training workshop entitled “Basic training in fire and rescue tactics and prevention”, attended by 20 firemen from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

In the framework of the project – funded under the “Polish Aid 2012” programme – the Afghan firemen were trained in such fields as fire safety of buildings and indoor fire suppression tactics. The workshops were held on a training field and in laboratories and workshops.

The main feature of the training was a joint Polish-Afghan exercise conducted in difficult winter conditions. Two scenarios were implemented: a car fire and a collision between a car and a burning railroad tank car.

In the framework of the project, the Afghan firefighters also received specialized fire-fighting equipment (PSP R1 emergency medical sets, hydraulic set for road rescue services, and specialized clothing) which will allow them to conduct more effective operations.

The workshops will help boost the competencies of Afghanistan’s public services, making it possible to handle missions more effectively, improve safety and security, and protect the natural environment.

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