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The basic idea of the MFA Polish Aid Volunteering Programme is to support development projects implemented in the developing countries and those under social and economic transformation, but it also strives to raise awareness among Polish society of problems existing in these countries. According to the survey conducted by TNS OBOP at the request of the Development Co-operation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among preferable ways of providing development assistance to poorer countries there is voluntary work (and also giving foreign students an opportunity to study in Poland, investments of Polish companies and further opening of Polish market to goods from developing countries).

To become a volunteer, one must:

  • be over 18 years of age and a citizen of Poland,
  • have completed secondary education,
  • have a command of the recipient country's language, or of another language enabling communication with the community in which the volunteer intends to work,
  • have a medical history enabling him/her to participate in a given volunteer programme abroad,
  • find a potential sending organization, contact the organization and jointly draft a volunteer programme.

In case of short-term programs, the volunteer is also required to have formal training and at least 5 years of experience in the field covered by the project.

All additional requirements regarding the volunteer's competencies are governed by the specifics of the recipient organization and are defined on individual basis.

Work carried out by a volunteer within a foreign development assistance project will last from 3 to 6 months during the pilot year. Owing to the subventions of the MFA, a volunteer participating in the programme does not have to worry about any additional costs like insurance or travel expenses. Furthermore, a volunteer will be able to participate in training sessions and courses in order to adequately prepare for work within the framework of a given project.

Upon their return to Poland, volunteers will be able to implement educational initiatives (given these activities were foreseen in the project application), which will give them an opportunity to share the experience gained during voluntary work.

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