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Support for the Moldovan Republican Veterinary and Diagnostic Centre

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in cooperation with the National Veterinary Research Institute (PIWet-PIB), implemented a project whose main aim was to increase the competencies of staff from the Moldovan Republican Veterinary and Diagnostic Centre (RVDC) in the field of food security.

The above goal was achieved by organizing a series of specialized workshops and internships for RVDC staff at the PIWet-PIB. The scope of competences of the RVDC staff was increased not only in the area of research methods used by EU veterinary laboratories, but also in the field of proper work organization and, in turn, the functioning of such laboratories. The knowledge acquired during the workshops/internships will influence the undertaken laboratory work, and enable the further development of the RVDC, bolstering its position on the regional market.

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