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Solidarity Fund PL

Solidarity Fund PL was established in 2001 as Polish Foundation for International Development Cooperation "Know-How." The organization took on its present name in 2013.

The Fund’s key tasks are to support pro-democratic institutions and democracy in developing countries. Its major project, “Support for Democracy,” includes a grant competition for democratization projects. The Fund is also used to finance the Information Center for Local Authorities in Moldova.

The Fund’s role in the Polish development cooperation system is defined in the Development Cooperation Act of 16 September 2011, under which the minister competent for foreign affairs may request the Fund to carry out tasks in a country which is in a special political situation. The Fund’s work is funded, among others, from the national budget special purpose reserve for development cooperation, which is administered by the MFA.

To find out more about the Fund and its programmes, visit:https://solidarityfund.pl/ .

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