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Call for proposals 

Any Polish organisation that acts as a sending organisation and submits a project application for the call for proposals entitled "Polish Aid Volunteering " will be able to apply for subventions for the activities carried out by a volunteer.

Participants of the call for proposals can be organisations registered in the Republic of Poland, but not entities of the public finance sector within the meaning of the laws regarding public finances and which are non-profit organisations, in accordance with the law of January 22, 2010 that regards public benefit activity and volunteerism (Journal of Laws No.28 item 146).

In order to be able to participate in the call for proposals it is necessary to:

  • register your organisation as a user of the Polish aid Internet portal www.polskapomoc.gov.pl REGISTER A NEW USER.
    If your organisation has already registered, you must log in: LOG IN.
    After successful registration the organisation receives a user name and a password, which will make it possible to fill in the on-line project application form. With one user name and one password, an organisation may fill in and submit various project applications.
  • Fill in the on-line application form and load it up to the database of the MFA.
  • Duly signed project application form (a proposal of a project for the call for proposals) made in triplicate (one original and two copies) together with required annexes and with a corresponding note on the envelope must be sent by mail.

The approved project must be implemented no later than December 31 of each year.

The proposals will be evaluated by the Commission for the call for proposals in accordance with the Regulations and on the basis of the criteria of the call for proposals therein established. Information about entities that have been selected to receive the subvention within the framework of the call for proposals will be published on the website http://www.polskapomoc.gov.pl/

The applicant bears with costs of the preparation of project proposals.

The procedure of the call for proposals is of two-stage procedure:

  • At first, submitted project proposals are evaluated according to their formal and legal requirements (a proposal should include all necessary annexes and other parts described in the Regulations for the call for proposals), as well as to content-related matters (their goals and underlying ideas). At this stage, the MFA Commission for the call for proposals, decides which projects are initially accepted and which are rejected
  • In the next stage, volunteers that have been offered in the selected projects are obliged to participate in a training organised by the MFA and they have to pass medical and psychological examination.

A contract on the basis of which the project will be financed will be signed with the sending organisation only when a candidate for a volunteer passes the following stages:

  • MFA training concluded by passing a test;
  • Medical and psychological examination do not show any contraindications to travel and participate in a given project.
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