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Prime Minister Beata Szydło represented Poland at the World Humanitarian Summit

On Monday, 23 May, Prime Minister Beata Szydło participated in the first-ever UN World Humanitarian Summit.  The prime minister was accompanied by Konrad Szymański, Secretary of State for European Affairs at the MFA, and Joanna Wronecka, Undersecretary of State for Development Cooperation and African and Middle East Policy at the MFA.

“As a UN founding member, Poland attaches great importance to the implementation of its goals. One such goal is to solve – through cooperation – international and especially humanitarian problems,” said the prime minister at the plenary session that opened the Summit.

The aim of the event is to reaffirm international solidarity with the victims of armed conflicts and natural disasters and to engage in measures that strengthen mechanisms of the international humanitarian relief in the wake of humanitarian crises rapidly spreading across the globe and in order to respond to the challenges facing the international humanitarian aid system.

In light of our experiences, we can strongly emphasise that building self-reliance and independence of states and societies is of fundamental importance and is the most effective instrument for the prevention of unrest and crises.  Prime Minister Szydło also emphasized that Poland’s activities in fighting humanitarian crises should be focused on direct support for countries affected by humanitarian crises.

During the Summit, Prime Minister Szydło also met with representatives of Polish NGOs attending the event: the Polish Humanitarian Action, the Polish Medical Mission and the Polish Centre for International Assistance.

The Summit, besides heads of state and government, also brought together lower-level representatives, members of the international humanitarian community, specialised international organisations, NGOs, academia and the private sector. The objective of the planned meetings is to find effective solutions to problems relating to an unprecedented high number of persons affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters.

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