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Primary goals of the European Year for Development

The year 2015 has been established the official European Year for Development by the European Parliament.

Main goals of the European Year for Development 2015:

  • Informing EU citizens about EU development aid provided by the EU as a whole and by its Member States. Moreover, drawing their attention to the goals of the development aid, established for years after 2015;
  • Promoting among EU citizens and non-governmental organizations the idea of direct commitment and critical thinking with regard to participating in development aid actions;
  • Raising public awareness of the bilateral benefits from development aid, not only for beneficiary but also for donors through creating the common connection and solidary work for the good of all.

In Poland, the EYD 2015 is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All non-governmental organizations are welcome to discuss the issue of organizing the European Year 2015, as well as, cooperate on selected events.

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