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Polish volunteer teaches at a technical school in Tanzania

Dodoma, Tanzania, is where Damian Sosna carries out his volunteering work organised by the Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service – Youth For the World and co-funded under Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As part of the project “Innovation in education – support for technical teaching at a school in Dodoma using advanced methods of instruction,” the volunteer teaches traditional technical drawing. He also trains a small group of students and teachers in CAD drawings, i.e. computer-aided technical design. This has been made possible by last year's purchase of over 40 computers co-funded under the Polish Aid programme. Together with Mr Dio, a Tanzanian teacher, the Pole develops CAD teaching materials, which will remain available at the school after the project. His additional task includes overseeing the technical school students at their construction work, e.g. masonry work.

A lesson on computers at a technical school in Tanzania Photo: Jakub Wychowałek

Father Boniface Mchami, the director of the Salesian Don Bosco Centre, highly values the Polish volunteer's work.

Damian Sosna recounts his experiences on a blog: https://swm.pl/blog/2018/10/08/tanzania-znalezc-wspolny-jezyk/

We hope you will enjoy his stories!

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