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Polish aid for Afghanistan in 2012

Poland is present in Afghanistan through a variety of aid projects aimed at benefiting the country and its citizens, in particular in Ghazni province.

The total development assistance funding for Afghanistan in 2012 amounted to PLN 28,960,562 million, including PLN 20,550,760 million for the Provincial Reconstruction Team – Ghazni (PRT Ghazni), PLN 1,549,801.91 million towards supporting the Afghan administration, and PLN 6,855,000 in the form of contributions towards multilateral funds.

PRT Ghazni

PRT Ghazni has implemented 37 projects, including 18 infrastructure projects (including: the modernization of roads in central Ghazni; the construction of an 8-classroom school building in Bahai village, Nawur Disctrict, repair and modernisation of a bridge in the village of Podina in the same district); 13 training projects (carpet-weaving workshops for women from the Nawur District, vocational training for women – sewing with basics of mathematics, Jaghato District; noql production workshops for men from Kwajah’ Omari District; traditional quilt and curtain making workshops, Ghazni District) as well as six equipment purchase projects (including: purchase of additional equipment for municipal power plant in Ghazni; purchase of school materials and equipment for Rashidan and Zanakhan Districts; purchase of land surveying equipment together with training for employees of geodetics and cartography department in Ghazni Province).

Support for Afghan administration

Five projects valued at PLN 1,549,802 million have been co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs towards supporting the Afghan administration.

The Central School of the State Fire Service in Częstochowa hosted a training workshop for 20 officers from the Afghan fire service. In the framework of the project the Afghan firemen were trained in such fields as organizing fire safety, fire safety of buildings, and indoor fire suppression tactics. The workshops were held on a training field and in laboratories and workshops. The workshops was aimed at boosting the competencies of Afghanistan’s public services, making it possible to handle missions more effectively, improve safety and security, and protect the natural environment.

The justice system is one of the least effective branches of Afghanistan’s public administration. It is partly due to this that two study visits were organized for local officials responsible for the civilian judiciary sector in Ghazni Province. During their visit, the Afghan officials learned about Polish experiences in dealing with political and economic transformation, in particular the transformation of the legal system from an undemocratic one to one that respects human rights. The Afghan guests attended meetings with key representatives of the Polish judicial system and were acquainted with the Polish legal system, in particular the functioning of the institution of mediation in criminal and civil law, with a view to implementing the relevant measures into Afghan law.

Thirty-seven Afghan public servants were provided with a chance to raise their qualifications in the framework of a workshop organized by the National School of Public Administration. The workshop included the Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise, a strategic simulation game in which participants must manage a country in crisis. Workshop participants were assigned roles as individual domestic and international institutions. Much attention was paid to interaction between participants, negotiations and the decision-making process, bearing in mind the complexity of a country’s political and economic system.

Responding to a request for support of the Afghan administration in the field of monument protection, a study visit of three Polish museology experts was organized to the Afghan National Archives in Kabul and the Museum of Jihad in Herat.

In order to support institutions that provide training for Afghan public servants, the Polish Embassy in Kabul carried out two projects for the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI) in Kabul. New textbooks were purchased for the ACSI library and the institution’s infrastructure was expanded.



Project title

MFA co-financing (in PLN)


Basic training on rescue tactic and protection



Study visits of civilian judiciary branch officials from Ghazni Province



SENSE training workshops



Visit by museum experts to Kabul and Herat



Support for ACSI by Polish Embassy in Kabul




1,549,802 PLN


Multilateral contributions

Moreover, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided support to Afghanistan via international organizations. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Kabul (UN OCHA Kabul) received PLN 855,000 in funding. The World Food Program received PLN 1 million. PLN 4 million went towards the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund, with PLN 1 million going towards projects supporting Afghanistan implemented by the International Committee of the Red Cross. The total value of all contributions towards Afghanistan amounted to PLN 6,855,000. 

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