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Polish Development Assistance 2016 - Results

Call for Proposals Results

“Polish Development Assistance 2016”


The Department of Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland announces that the call for proposals “Polish Development Assistance 2016” has been concluded.

The list of project proposals which have been qualified to receive funding

Project No.

Project Title


Recipient Country

Grant’s value in PLN (module I)

Grant’s value in PLN (module II)


Partnership for social integration   of people living with infectious diseases – Belarus

Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights


311 680



Biomass briquettes as a practical   way to reduce deforestation of the Mt. Kilimanjaro Forest

Poland - East Africa Economic Foundation


597 608

588 224


Vocational training and the reduction of unemployment among the street children of Dakar and its surroundings

Foundation "Cultures of the World"


353 600



Eco-innovations in the development of small enterprises in rural regions of Belarus

The "East" Foundation


627 940



Development of non agricultural services in rural regions of Moldova 

The "East" Foundation

 Moldova  650 890  n/a
16/2016  The improvement of teaching and diagnostics of parasitic diseases in LITAs’ schools as a component of enhancing the standards of education of breeding livestock in Tanzania – continuation.  Foundation "Science for Development"  Tanzania   332 385  n/a
17/2016/M Provision of training and equipment for rescue services in Kenya and Ethiopia Polish Center for International Aid



999 340 997 941
27/2016 Myanmar - maternal health and educational activities in Irrawaddy Delta Polish Medical Mission Myanmar 349 805 n/a
30/2016 More efficient profilaxis, diagnosis and treatment of prevalent complications in pregnancy through local staff trainings, equipping and refurbishment of health centers facilities  in Dakar and Ngohe, Senegal.   Polish Medical Mission Senegal   361 680  n/a
32/2016 The increase in productivity and competitiveness of farms and the development of agricultural advisory services   Ostrogski Foundation Moldova   947 740  n/a
 33/2016/M Adopting green hydroponic production to increase/improve food security, income generating and competitiveness of agricultural cooperatives sector in Palestine  Polish Center for International Aid   Palestine  1 190 110  1 147 937
34/2016  Inclusive education as a prerequisite of social integration of persons with disabilities – Belarus Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights   Belarus  314 160 n/a 
39/2016 Development of entrepreneurship in rural areas in Belarus The Żuławski Department of Association of Research and Applied Agriculture Specialists in Stare Pole Belarus 438 819 n/a
46/2016 “Tazama na Tabasamu” (Look and Smile) - Eye and dental clinic in Kiabakari - an effective rescue measure in the desert of the medical services of this nature for the society of north-western Tanzania FOUNDATION KIABAKARI Tanzania 547 070 n/a
47/2016 “Shule Bora” (Perfect School) - the completion of the construction and furbishment of the primary school in Kiabakari - a chance of the access to the high quality education for the rural communities of Mara Region FOUNDATION KIABAKARI Tanzania 456 870 n/a
48/2016 The development support for the micro and small enterprises in cities with less than 50 thousand residents and located  in the rural areas in Belarus Foundation Institute for Eastearn Studies Belarus 291 725 n/a
52/2016 Improving access to quality vocational education and training of youth from Nairobi region with particular emphasis on girls (Kenya) Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World Kenya 663 138 n/a
57/2016 Development of agricultural services on rural areas The "East" Foundation Moldova 962 170 n/a
60/2016 The increase of competencies and operational potential of emergency services in Ivano - Frankivsk Oblast in frame of prevention and elimination of flood consequences and mountain rescue.

Marshal Office of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Chancellary of the Board, Department of Promotion and Economic Cooperation

Ukraine 239 979 n/a
64/2016/M Supporting changes to increase access and quality of preschool education in Georgia Social – Educational Association „Educator" Georgia 505 600 502 400
67/2016 Improvement of access to sanitation and raise of awereness of hygiene for residents of the municipality Ngan Diouf, Senegal. Navegadores Society Senegal 320 317 n/a
69/2016 School of rural entrepreneurship in Ukraine Foundation in Support of Local Democracy Training Center in Szczecin Ukraine 440 890 n/a
71/2016 The development of entrepreneurship by European standards and tools in small towns and rural areas of the Minsk region in Belarus Podlaska Regional Development Foundation Belarus 252 440 n/a
84/2016 Developing guidelines for the Model Centre for Social and Work Reintegration of People with Disabilities in Georgia Saint Jadwiga the Queen of Poland Foundation Georgia 216 272 n/a
89/2016 Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises in Lviv region by implementation of innovative  technologies using local energy resources Central Mining Institute, Department of Energy Saving and Air Protection Ukraine 328 527 n/a
92/2016 Strengthening the system of protection of victims of domestic violencee in Zugdidi HumanDoc Foundation Georgia 299 620 n/a
96/2016 Development of specialized rescue in underground infrastructure in Georgia The Main School of Fire Service Georgia 281 392 n/a
97/2016 Improving access to education for children in the region of Dar es Salaam, through the development of the Educational Center of  St. Maximilian Kolbe, Segerea (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) Opus Aid "Ad Gentes" Tanzania 567 425 n/a
101/2016/M3 Kupujmo Razom 2.0 - an innovative increasing of Ukrainian firms' competitiveness through concentration and optimimalisation of deliveries, cooperation of non-governement organisations and e-learning Association Family Enterprise Initiative Ukraine 556 300 556 100
102/2016 Healthy School - improving sanitary standards in schools located in semi-arid areas of Mbita constituency in Kenya Partners Poland Foundation Kenya 735 500 n/a
103/2016 ECD Chanuka! Enhancing high quality early childhood development and holistic care of children in semi-arid areas of Mbita constituency in Kenya Partners Poland Foundation Kenya 895 640 n/a
112/2016/M Better start in adult life of students with disabilites District Office of Sokolka Belarus 201 710 201 703
126/2016 Kibera for peace and development – building professional competence of the teachers, sport trainers and peacebuilding leaders and support of the local enterprises run by women in Kibera Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network Kenya 300 220 n/a
128/2016/M Hydraulic modelling study against floods – support to the competence and readiness of Georgian institutions Polish Center for International Aid Georgia 730 441 712 681
160/2016 The development of rural tourism clusters in Moldova. Strengthening the non-agricultural entrepreneurship in rural areas. European Cooperation Centre Moldova 292 430 n/a
163/2016 NEED for Change - farm school infrastructure development and better access for youth to quality education about sustainable agriculture in Myanmar Foundation "Cultures of the World" Myanmar 315 160 n/a
183/2016/M Active youth in the labor market - simulation methods for improving the quality of vocational and entrepreneurial education in Ukrainian educational facilities FSLD Malopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration Ukraine 454 435 414 010
185/2016 Integration and support in operational skills improvement in Mountain Rescue Services in Mestia – region Svanetia ICAD Foundation - International Core for Assistance and Development Georgia 240 598 n/a
187/2016 Development of non-agricultural activities on rural areas of Ungheni District Romincka Forest Fund Moldova 288 810 n/a
196/2016/M ARTE - support and integration center of displaced persons HumanDoc Foundation Ukraine 390 120 312 610
201/2016 Ukrainian renewable energy clusters - real tool for development and effective cooperation of Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises Managerial Initiatives Foundation Ukraine 431 340 n/a
205/2016 Support for small and medium-sized enterprises development in Youth Enterpreneurship Incubator in Lviv INSTITUTE OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT Ukraine 402 200 n/a
206/2016 "SOCIAL ECONOMY - The chance of development of the region of Kakheti in Georgia" Rzeszow Regional Development Agency Georgia 290 010 n/a
216/2016 Development of voluntary emergency medical system in Ukraine Order of Malta Poland Ukraine 490 600 n/a
220/2016/M Support to the local administration of Megrelia and Racha regions towards realization of regional tourism promotion. Exchange of experience with Imeretia Region. ICAD Foundation - International Core for Assistance and Development Georgia 251 910 248 890
235/2016 CBRN - transborder safety and cooperation - part 2 The Main School of Fire Service Ukraine 339 772 n/a
293/2016 Moldovian Culinary Routs: micro-investments, promotion, registration Development Policy Foundation Moldova 262 960 n/a
297/2016 Pukhavichy-Svir-Komarovo: Social Product Cluster for the sake of rehabilitation, social integration and operational improvements of people with mental disabilities (PWMDs) care oriented facilities in Belarus Wąbrzeźno Association Children Help of Special Care Belarus 297 580 n/a
301/2016 The development of techniques for customizing information and art for the blind and deaf people HumanDoc Foundation Belarus 396 800 n/a
302/2016 Social integration support of IDP’s in Ukraine Caritas Poland Ukraine 956 764 n/a
304/2016 Educational Support in Southern Ethiopia through providing a solar lighting systems and books for Primary Schools Polish Center for International Aid Ethiopia 1 252 037 n/a
314/2016 Polish-Tanzanian medical bridge at St. Johns University and Mvumi  Hospital YOUNG BUSINESSMAN CLUB POLAND Tanzania 655 465 n/a
320/2016 Prevention of isolation and social exclusion of people with disabilities in the Palestinian Authority Caritas Poland Palestine 874 432 n/a


Department of Development Cooperation wishes to thank all the participants for submitting their proposals.


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