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Poland's assistance in 2007

Poland's Official Development Assistance (ODA) in 2007 amounted to PLN 1.01 billion (USD 362.83 million), which accounted for 0.09% of the gross national income. It increased in comparison with the previous year by about 9%.

In 2007, Poland allocated PLN 573.6 million to multilateral aid (transferred through specialised organisations and international funds), and PLN 431.41 million to bilateral assistance (transferred directly).

The most important forum for Polish activity in the field of multilateral development assistance is the European Union. In 2007, the largest share of funds for multilateral assistance - PLN 549.28 million (USD 198.3 million) - was transferred to the EU's aid budget. The remainder of the Polish multilateral assistance includes voluntary contributions and payments to institutions of the UN system (PLN 16.5 million), the World Bank Group (PLN 2.29 million), and other funds and programmes.

Aid funds at the disposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs included in the special-purpose budget reserve in 2007 amounted to PLN 90 million. Most of them were allotted to assistance projects implemented in countries being the beneficiaries of assistance in cooperation with local partners. In 2007, the MFA provided a subsidy of over PLN 45 million to more than 180 assistance projects in 38 countries: 111 of them were implemented by Polish NGOs and private universities, 50 - by state government, 24 - by local governments.

Polish diplomatic posts also develop aid initiatives. In 2007, in cooperation with local partners they implemented 170 projects in 42 developing countries totalling more than PLN 12 million.

In 2007, Poland provided humanitarian aid of over PLN 4 million; it also provided food aid for the amount of approx. PLN 3 million.

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