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Poland trains the administrations of Afghanistan, Tunisia and the Eastern Partnership states

The third and last edition of this year's Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise (SENSE) training programme addressed to Afghan officials was organized in Warsaw on 4-11 December 2011.

The programme was carried out by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in co-operation with the National School of Public Administration. Forty five high- and middle-ranking government officials and representatives of the private sector and NGOs from Afghanistan attended the December edition of the programme. They were recruited by the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute.

During the five-day course the participants attended a negotiation training, dignity management workshop, lecture presenting the Polish experience in public administration reforms and a three-day computer simulation. The SENSE programme for Afghanistan's representatives is just one in a series of initiatives taken by Poland in order to develop institutional capabilities among Afghan officials.

The SENSE training is a strategic computer game developed at the American Institute for Defense Analyses. It simulates governance of a state on the verge of major political, economic and social transformations. Participants take the roles of different internal and international subjects. Each one plays a different role and has different strategic goals. The key element is interaction between participants involving negotiations and decision-making, which illustrates the complexity of the political and economic system of a state.

The two previous editions were attended by representatives of the Eastern Partnership states (1-8 October) and then - along with the changes in North Africa - by the representatives of Tunisia (11-18 October). In the previous years, the trainings were organized for Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine.

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