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Poland supports Georgia’s and Moldova’s integration with EU

A group of 19 public administration officials from Georgia and Moldova is on a visit to Poland to attend a week-long training on European integration, which is held as part of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration programme.

The training, organised by Poland’s foreign ministry in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration, is aimed at familiarising Georgian and Moldovan officials with legal, procedural and practical aspects of EU accession negotiations after the signing of EU Association Agreements by these countries.

Georgia’s Ambassador to Poland Nikoloz Nikolozishvili, Moldova’s Ambassador to Poland Iurie Bodrug, as well as senior officials from the MFA’s Department of Development Cooperation and the National School of Public Administration attended the training’s official inauguration. Polish experts and practitioners from the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Chancellery of the Sejm and the ministries of foreign affairs, economy, justice, and infrastructure and development will discuss their negotiation experiences during lectures and workshops. Moreover, participants will attend a meeting of the Sejm’s European Union Committee and visit the European Commission’s representation office in Poland. They will also have an opportunity to participate in debates with Polish administration officials and experts from think-tanks active in the area of European affairs.

The training is financed from Polish Development Aid funds. Two hundred and twenty-one public administration officials from Eastern Partnership countries have taken part in our trainings since 2011.

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