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Poland supports Afghan administration

Minister Bogusław Winid attended a meeting with a delegation of high level Afghan officials, among them six deputy ministers and two department directors. One of the topics discussed during the meeting was the Polish assistance in the creation of state structures in Afghanistan.

Poland attaches great importance to supporting Afghanistan. Apart from security assistance, we also provide assistance to rebuild the country – said Minister B. Winid.

The development of Afghanistan was one of the subjects discussed during the meeting, as the country develops rapidly in spite of its security problems. The changes are being implemented ia. owing to the assistance of international organizations. To secure the further development of Afghanistan without external assistance, the creation of an appropriate infrastructure and efficient administration is needed.

The 30 years of civil war have led to staff shortcomings, which is an obstacle in the creation of an efficiently functioning state. - Poland has a great scientific potential to support the creation of democratic power structures in Afghanistan – added Amiruddin Saleh, Deputy Minister of Urban Development.

The current visit to Afghanistan is set within the actions aimed at building a professional administration in Afghanistan, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of development cooperation. - In order to achieve success, Afghanistan needs the experience of such countries as Poland – added Mohammed Karim Baz, Deputy Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, expressing the gratitude for the current assistance.

Another discussed topic was economic cooperation. Mohammed Sami Sami, Deputy Minister for Energy and Water, invited Polish companies from the energy sector to invest in Afghanistan, where the electrification level remains low. Abdul Razaq, Deputy Minister of Finance, assured that the government of Afghanistan is preparing a number of customs and tax facilitations for overseas investors.


The aim of the delegation’s visit is a week’s (8-14 September 2013) leadership and public administration management course, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration (KSAP) and the Afghanistan Civil Service Institute (ACSI).

The program of the visit includes workshops and lectures on topics related to management and leadership in the civil service; the lecture of Prof. Andrzej Zoll from the Jagiellonian University on the division of powers in a democratic state with the rule of law. The guests shall also meet with the Marshal of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz. In order to illustrate the historical context of the Polish democratic transformation to the Afghan partners, the program includes the sightseeing of the Warsaw Rising Museum.

Between 2002-2013 Poland has granted Afghanistan development aid amounting to PLN 109 million.

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