Polska pomoc

Organisational structure

The programme is based on the existing structures and mechanisms of co-operation. In such a system, the role of the Polish aid programme consists of ensuring financial support, defining the terms of collaboration in a volunteering programme and guaranteeing quality standards, as well as creating mechanisms for their verification. Participants of the Polish Aid Volunteering Programme are:

  • volunteers,
  • sending organisations (SO); Polish NGOs that submit a project proposal within the call for proposals entitled "Polish Aid Volunteering 2008",
  • receiving organisations (RO); organisations in destination countries receiving volunteers,
  • Polish aid programme (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Development Co-operation Department).

The sending organisation (a Polish NGO) is entitled to submit an application (applications) in order to achieve financing for the Polish aid volunteering project. The application will include:

  • exact information about activities of a volunteer in a given development assistance project (it can not be a project financed with the subvention of the MFA during 2008);
  • a proposal for financing a given volunteer's participation (two volunteers maximum) in the project (the application must include information about a volunteer, his/her current experience as a volunteer).
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