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Innovative network of entrepreneurship and cooperative development, as well as agricultural advisory

Measures taken to stimulate and develop agriculture, including: individual enterprise (in particular, models of innovative and profitable family farms), cooperative activities (in particular, in the field of agricultural services and building the potential of producers’ groups) and support for agricultural advisory services are of key importance for the economic development of Moldova’s rural regions.

The project – implemented thanks to the cooperation of three organizations: the Prince Konstantin Ostrogski Foundation, “East” Foundation, and the Podlasie Nature Station ”Narew”– made it possible to provide tangible assistance in the abovementioned scope.

Thanks to the project, 16 model, innovative forms of providing agricultural and service activities in 13 villages, located in 11 Moldovan regions (e.g. support was provided for the purchase of equipment for the modern calf-rearing, cultivating and processing mushrooms, or vegetable and fruit cleaning and sorting centres for producers’ groups). The initiatives implemented in the framework of the project are innovative (by Moldova’s rural standards), profitable and oriented towards the self-employment and the creation of local jobs.

At the same time, 21 agricultural advisors were trained, functioning in the ACSA agricultural advisory system (currently over 400 experts operate in over 40% of Moldova’s county offices). As such, assistance was provided in the establishment of a Moldovan model of agricultural advisory services, based on the self-funding model, functioning as a network of local information points (currently over 400 experts operate in over 40% of Moldova’s county offices).

By creating new jobs and raising farmers’ incomes, the implemented measures helped to improve the financial situation of farmers and persons providing agricultural services.

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