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Improved rescue with Polish aid

22 teams made up of more than 90 trained rescuers took part in the 4th Maltese Manoeuvres of Paramedics, held in the Ukrainian city of Ivano-Frankivsk from 31 August to 2 September 2018. The event was part of a project called “Developing the volunteer medical rescue system in Ukraine,” which was launched in 2015 by the Maltese Medical Service, with support from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“I was proud to see how our rescuers matured: they improved their joint work, they gained skills and understood that it is more important to save lives than to score points,” said Mariusz Zawada, a paramedic sitting on the board of the Maltese Medical Service Foundation – Maltese Relief, who commanded the manoeuvres.  

The exercises were held in the Maltese Logistics and Training Centre, which is co-funded by Poland. The project was no doubt a great success. It was made possible thanks to unprecedented commitment of the Polish and Ukrainian Maltese Relief, and a wide resonance that exceeded expectations. The first volunteer medical emergency system in Ukraine was set up and hundreds of volunteers were trained and equipped as part of the scheme. Changes to laws on emergency medical services were introduced and schools were invited to join in. Last but not least, the initiative attracted many young people, many of whom were victims of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

For more information about the manoeuvres, go to the website: https://fmsm.pl/30-08-01-09-2018-iv-maltanskie-manewry-ratownikow-w-ivano-frankiwsku-ukraina/

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