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How to become a volunteer

Step by step

1. Find and contact potential sending organisation.

2. Prepare a volunteering project in collaboration with a chosen organisation.

  • It must be considered that there is a possibility of including EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES carried out by a volunteer upon his/her return to Poland. (IMPORTANT: these initiatives must be implemented no later than December 31, 2008).

3. The organisation submits a project for the call for proposals.

4. The call for proposal's procedure consists of three basic stages:

a) Formal and legal evaluation of project applications (carried out in order to confirm that a given application has all necessary annexes and other parts specified in the Regulations for the call for proposals)

b) Assessment of the goals and underlying ideas of the project (evaluation of the project application). At this stage, an MFA Commission for the call for proposals decides which projects are initially accepted and which are rejected.

c) Successful conclusion of a training organised by the MFA for volunteers.

5. It must be stressed that the fact of submitting a project application for the call for proposals will not guarantee that the project will be given financial funds for its implementation, which means at the same time that it does not ensure that a volunteer will travel abroad. The project must successfully pass the first two stages of the call for proposals.

6. A contract on the basis of which the project will be financed will be signed with the sending organisation only when the candidate for a volunteer passes the following stages:

a) MFA training  

b) medical examination that will not show any contraindications to travel and participate in a given project.

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