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Holder of the Stefan Banach Scholarship

My participation in the Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme

My scientific career began in 2008 when I became a student of economics at the Lviv University. The more I learned and researched various economic phenomena the better I realized that my inclination to study and discover new things becomes my life's passion.

Bearing in mind that "ignorance of foreign languages makes people even less comfortable than lack of a passport" I have made it my goal to master at least one more foreign language. The Erasmus Mundus programme proved to be very useful in helping me to achieve this goal and allowed me to spend 10 months in Pułtusk, a city located near Warsaw. The studies taught me much about the EU legislation, regional and social policies, which made me eager to continue my education.

Thus, I have decided to look for an opportunity to enroll the Master studies in Poland. It was made difficult by the fact that the majority of programmes are opened only for people of Polish origin. But, as the saying goes "seek and you shall find" - at the website of one university I managed to find an information about the Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme. Being aware that this name is associated with Lviv I had a good feeling about my chances. The most important thing was that I was entitled to apply even though I had no Card of the Pole and that I was free to choose whichever university I wanted. This is how I came to be a student of my renown Alma Mater.

For the first time I entered the Jagiellonian University in Krakow in 2013, and spent there two following years studying international economics at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication. These two years have increased my knowledge, shaped my scientific interests and allowed me to learn from many scholars. It gave me great pleasure to participate in the Erasmus + programme, in which framework I spent one semester in Germany, improving both my language skills and knowledge of economics.

In order to become a professional I wanted to supplement the theory with practical experience, which became a reality in an accounting department of one of Polish trading companies. I believe that it made more competitive at the job market, both in the Ukraine and in Poland. Being a graduate of a Polish university I can develop my professional career without any limitations.    

Starting my studies in Poland I wanted to gain better vocational qualifications, but my true dream has always been becoming a scientist. Now I am really happy that the Stefan Banach Scholarship Programme is with me in this voyage, because it has helped my plans to become more real, and even though I am no scientists yet, the Programme made it possible for me to continue my education at the PhD studies at the Cracow University of Economics. So it puts me on the right track to finally make my dream come true.     

To all those who hesitate whether to come to Poland I would like to remind that "the Rome was not built in one day" and at first it might not be too easy, but every success, even a little one, will shape you as strong, capable, wise and successful people. Therefore, choose your own goals and pursue them with confidence that you will achieve them.

Sofiya Nasimko, Ukraine


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