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Global Education 2016 - Results


Call for Proposals Results

“Global Education 2016”

 The Department of Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland announces that the call for proposals “Global Education 2016” has been concluded.

The list of project proposals which have been qualified to receive financing


Project number

Type of beneficiary


Project title

Grant's value  (in PLN)

module I

module II

Task I Conducting regranting procedure for global education projects directed to the general public, to be carried out by Non-Governmental Organizations in towns with population under 500 000 inhabitants




Foundation Education for Democracy

Global education 2016-2017. Regranting for NGOs

650 000

650 000

 Total value for task I 

650 000

650 000

Task II Initiatives aiming at increasing public awareness of global challenges




HumanDoc Foundation

VII International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC

150 000





Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World

Responsible traveler is changing the World – popularization of Global Education among wide audience using innovative modes of communication

112 620

105 648




HumanDoc Foundation

TV series on global education issues

148 275


 Total value for task II

410 895

105 648

Task II Educational initiatives in the field of global education with systemic implications and multiplication effect




Foundation Education for Democracy

E-globalna in practice

87 478

86 510




ZNAK Christian Culture Foundation

Globally means together

99 700





Foundation Centre for Citizenship Education

Let's talk about refugees. Globally-locally on migration

105 027

104 778




The Centre for Environmental Activities "Zrodla"

Global education for kids (4th edition)

130 500

129 263

 Total value for task III

422 705

320 551

Task IV Co-financing projects in the field of global education financed from sources other than the budget of the Republic of Poland




Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network

Eat locally, think globally! Educational and activating campaign for schools

131 390





Buy Responsibly Foundation

Change Your Shoes: Starting point of the way to an ethical and sustainable shoe supply chain

82 245





Buy Responsibly Foundation

Make Fruit Fair! A boost for Fair Tropical Fruits in the 2015 European Year for Development and beyond: Mobilizing European citizen to take action for fair tropical fruit supply chains.

54 000

41 460




Alliance of Associations Polish Green Network

Development? No harm. Educational campaign on Sustainable Development Goals addressed to youth, students and adults.

83 800

81 570

 Total value for task IV

351 435

123 030


1 835 035

1 199 229


Department of Development Cooperation wishes to thank all the participants for submitting their proposals.


For more detailed information on the proceedings available in Polish please visit:



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