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Euroradio - the most popular foreign radio station in Belarus

The results of a sociological survey conducted in December 2012 (age 15+, sample 3000) show that in 2012 Euroradio continued to be regarded as the most popular foreign radio station in Belarus. Asked whether they listen to Euroradio programmes, 3.3% of Belarusian listeners answered “Yes.”

Euroradio established cooperation with Belarusian Radio Racyja

Since March 2012, Euroradio’s news programmes - EuroZOOM and Petarda – have been broadcast on Radio Racyja five times a week (Monday through Friday) mornings and evenings. This has increased Euroradio’s coverage in the Grodno District. Cooperation with Racyja consists of exchanging programmes. Euroradio broadcasts Radio Racyja’s music and cultural programmes Saturdays and Sundays and thematic programmes Monday through Friday.

Renewal of Euroradio accreditation

The accreditation of Euroradio’s bureau and its correspondents in Belarus was renewed in November 2012. Now its journalists have the same access to information sources in Belarus as the domestic media.

Euroradio website one of top five media in Belarus

During 2012, the website www.euroradio.fm become one of the top ten and, at the end of the year, one of the top five most popular news outlets in Belarus, according to Gemius SA, which specialises in online research in the Central and Eastern Europe. In 2012, the euroradio.fm site was visited 5.2 million times. Statistics of the TUT.BY website show that Euroradio’s content on this portal was viewed an additional 8.4 million times – which gives a total of 13.6 million views of Euroradio’s reports and news, including the Petarda programme, in 2012.

Euroradio (European Radio for Belarus Sp. z o.o.) is an independent, international radio broadcasting service, operating since 2005. The broadcaster’s aim is to provide the inhabitants of Belarus, especially its younger generation, with objective and truthful information about events taking place in Belarus and the world and to give them access to up-to-date and major accomplishments of Belarusian and world culture. Under a co-production agreement with ERB Sp. z o.o., 180 instalments of “Petarda/Live Connection Countdown” programme were produced in 2012 that were broadcast from March to December 2012 on UKF bandwidth by partner stations of Euroradio’s lower shortwave band (for the Vitebsk District on 68.24 FM) in the form of satellite transmission (Astra) and via the Internet (www.euroradio.fm).

In 2012, the MFA allocated PLN 620,000 for the production and broadcasting of Euroradio’s programmes under a co-production agreement.

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