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European Development Days 2009


European Development Days (EDD) are Europe's foremost platform for discussion and exchange on global challenges in all key areas - governance, climate change, international finance, trade, food security, water, energy, the role of the media and human and social rights. Previous editions have seen the participation of Heads of State and Government, Ministers and world-renowned leaders such as Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Richard Branson, Wangari Maathai and Aminata Traore.


This year's EDD, in Stockholm (22-24 October), falls one month after the G-20 Leaders meeting in Pittsburgh, two weeks after the IMF-World Bank meeting in Istanbul and six weeks before the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Against this backdrop, the 2009 edition will focus on the global response to the economic downturn and climate change, as well as on the challenges of democracy and development.


Hosting a large-scale event attracting people from the four corners of the world creates its share of CO2. It would be irresponsible to address the world's development challenges at an international gathering without considering its impact on the environment - especially as global warming could push millions back into the poverty trap. However, these CO2 emissions can be offset through a range of schemes investing in energy efficiency anywhere in the world. Thus, exhibitors and parallel event organisers are asked to help offset the EDD carbon footprint by contributing to a carbon-offset scheme of their choice.


Everyone has a say at EDD! Discussion panels are carefully gender balanced and geographically representative. Its openness allows it to be inclusive and blend a great diversity of political leaders and parliamentarians, international institutions, local authorities, NGOs, business leaders, academics, researchers, media representatives and the young. Any stakeholder can propose speakers, events, network meetings or exhibitions. Its participatory approach results in an agenda, which includes over 30 events, half of which are stakeholder-driven.

This event is organised by the European Commission in co-ordination with the Swedish Presidency of the EU.

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