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Eco-technologies for Moldovan villages

Moldova’s agriculture has been grappling with land degradation and environmental pollution, which leads to increased rural poverty and the poor health of rural inhabitants. The excessive use of pesticides and fertilizer by Moldovan farmers leads to water and soil pollution, and in turn to polluted agricultural produce.

Most Moldovan farmers are not acquainted with and do not use modern technologies. With a view to changing this, three foundations – the Social Ecological Institute, the Polish Chamber of Local and Regional Products, and the AgriNatura Foundation for Agricultural Biodiversity – have implemented a project supporting the sustainable development of Moldova’s agriculture.

Thanks to the project, it was possible to cover two regions (Falesti and Drochia) with measures raising the level of knowledge and awareness of local farmers and to convince them, in a practical way, to pursue eco-friendly farming methods. in the framework of the project, 11 farms were equipped with “eco-solutions” such as: photovoltaic cells and wind turbines, solar panels, manure storage pads, composting bins, eco-toilets and biofilters. Over 50 farmers were trained in the field of renewable energy, the basis of solar panel installations, building and using ecosan toilets, biofilters and composting techniques.

The project brought immediate effects in the form of improved sanitary conditions of farms, thanks to the installation of ecotoilets. The renewable energy installations were also highly praised; due to the frequent power outages, they were highly valued by farmers not just as a permanent power source, but also as a temporary one.

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