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Curtain making as a path to professional activation of Afghan women

Professional activation projects directed to Afghan women aim at helping them to enter the job market, taking up their first employment in an easy way. In 2012, the Polish–American Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Ghazni with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland completed a training project for a group of 40 women from Ghazni province. Its aim was to improve their skills in sewing curtains and draperies.

Each of the participants mastered the ability of sewing curtains in four traditional designs. Once the training has ended the participants were given sewing machines, which they used during the course. The machines will allow them to continue work and maintain an additional source of income.

Theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills acquired during the course, combined with a growing demand on curtains and draperies, create an opportunity for Afghan women to improve financial standing of their families.

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