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Building local milk cooling tanks as a chance to solve the problem of poverty and develop dairy farming in northern Armenia

Northern Armenia is a typical farming region. Over 70% of the population lives in rural areas and farming is their only source of income. Close to 90% of farmers raise livestock and produce milk. One of the challenges to the development of dairy production is the lack of local milk cooling units that would be able to collect an adequate amount of the raw product and cool it in the right time so as to preserve its quality. The lack of such installations forced small producers to transport milk to creameries located a few score kilometres away, which was expensive.

The project made it possible to equip three local milk depots with cooling tanks. In one village, the milk delivery unit was built from scratch, in other villages, additional cooling tanks were installed to increase the number of milk suppliers. In addition, thanks to the purchased analyzers of milk, its quality was tested in the milk depots. Milk that did not meet the norms was not accepted for cooling which protected the suppliers from having the whole batch of milk being rejected after an inspection carried out in the dairy plant.

The project also included trainings organised for milk producers and a study tour to Poland. During the study tour, participants visited two regional dairy cooperatives, large milk cow farms and local milk depots. The study tour participants learned about the dairy market in Poland, observed work organisation in local milk depots, studied methods of breeding and feeding milk cows on large farms and learned about methods of genetic improvement of animals.

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