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Belsat TV: the first Belarusian live TV station

In September 2012, Belsat TV began to broadcast daily an information-commentary block titled “Belsat Studio”. The three-hour block, broadcast live Monday through Friday from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Minsk time, consists of news programmes, talk shows with guests invited to the studio in Warsaw and – by Skype – with commentators in Belarus, business, cultural, reportage and “how-to” sections, as well as sports news and the weather. All the programmes are broadcast in Belarus and without political censorship.

«Belsat Studio» has brought new quality to the Belarusian social and media space, which had functioned without a “live” news television, a model that is well-known in Poland. The start of a news and commentary block in 2012 in the “Belsat Studio” was made possible thanks to significant financial support provided by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On-line transmission launched

In 2012, Belsat TV launched a new Internet site. In addition to daily news programme “Lens” and other broadcasts and documentaries available earlier in VOD mode, Belsat TV began to broadcast online. Thanks to this, Belsat has increased its potential group of viewers, as there is no need to have a satellite dish to watch current programmes in the most popular evening hours devoted to news and commentaries.

Growing trustworthiness of TV Belsat

According to a poll conducted by an independent centre “Zierkalo-Info” centre, Belsat is watched by 11.6% adult Belarusians, and one in five households in Belarus has satellite TV. As many as 75 % of satellite TV owners declare they are familiar with the Belsat brand, of which 44.5% watch Belsat every day or several times a week.

After five years of broadcasting, Belsat has become a highly trustworthy media among viewers: 72.1% of whom declare they trust it in varying degrees (12% fully trust Belsat and 60.1% rather trust it.

The survey was conducted in 14-20 May 2012, on a representative sample of 2,999 respondents – inhabitants of the Republic of Belarus aged 18 years and older by the “Zierkalo-Info” Sociological Centre. The statistical error was 0.6% or less.

Successive awards for Belsat productions

A documentary film titled “Archimandryta” directed by Jerzy Kalina joined a group of the most acclaimed Belsat productions at international festivals in 2012, winning almost 10 important prizes. A film directed by Sergey Isakov and Julia Chlashchenkova titled “Maximum Sentence” received the “Reporters for Reporters” award given by the Eastern Partnership.

Belsat TV is a satellite television project that has been implemented since 2007 pursuant to a multiannual Agreement entered into by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Telewizja Polska S.A. The decision to create Belsat TV was taken in response to a need to widen access for Belarusian society to independent information. It is the largest single assistance programme for the Belarusian society. Belsat programmes are broadcast via satellite and online. 

In 2012, the MFA earmarked PLN 17.6 million for Belsat TV.

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