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The main aims of the Polish Aid Volunteering Programme are identical to the goals of Polish development assistance resulting from the "Strategy for Poland's Development Co-operation".  The present programme forms an integral part of this strategy since it incorporates volunteers into the implementation of Polish foreign assistance projects in 2008. In this respect, the Polish Aid Volunteering Programme is likely to become a key factor in strengthening the performance potential of Polish NGOs and in increasing the effectiveness of implemented development projects.

Furthermore, the programme supports initiatives in the field of global education in Poland and aims to stimulate activities of former volunteers in this field.  Global education, which will be a field of collaboration of former volunteers, should strengthen social support and involvement of Poles in development co-operation. One of the main goals of this recently forming system is to encourage social initiatives undertaken by volunteers once they return to Poland. During the pilot year, grants for small educational initiatives for former volunteers should be included in the budget declared by an NGO.

This solution seems to be the best not only for a volunteer, but also for a country that would have to finance voluntary work abroad. Volunteers who come back from a stay abroad should have an opportunity to achieve self-fulfilment and to take advantage of knowledge and skills gained during the stay abroad, among others, through activities undertaken in their own community. Owing to this, the budgetary funds allotted to sending and maintenance of a volunteer abroad will have a tangible benefit not only for the hosting country, but also upon his/her return, through activities aimed at raising awareness of global issues among Poles.

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