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Polish development cooperation is carried out as part of bilateral and multilateral assistance. The bilateral assistance includes in particular development projects, co-financed by the MFA under call for proposals procedures, the Polish Aid Volunteering Programme and the Small Grants System. Multilateral assistance is provided through international organisations, programmes and funds. It also includes possible cooperation with other partners in carrying out activities addressed to a specific partner country. Such cases allow co-financing or providing technical support in implementing activities financed from other states’ budgets, the European Union or other international organisations in particular.

Activities under multilateral assistance can be carried out by entities of the public sector, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and private sector entities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with external partners, runs a number of its own initiatives, including through the system of small grants provided by Polish diplomatic posts. Multilateral assistance involves joint projects and programmes financed from, among others, contributions to international organisations, including contributions to specialised international organisations, programmes and funds which operate in the field of development cooperation.

Polish development assistance also encompasses emergency relief in the event of natural disasters, armed conflicts and catastrophes disasters. In such circumstances it is possible to mobilise additional funds allocated for post-disaster recovery and relief of victims.

The MFA’s Department of Development Cooperation concurrently engages in information activities — chiefly in the field of global education. The Polish Aid development cooperation programme also finances training, scholarship programmes and the activities of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration.

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