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Working Party on Development Cooperation

Working Party on Development Cooperation (CODEV)

The Working Party drafts Council Conclusions pertaining to European Commission documents (communications, reports, action plans) and European Court of Auditors reports, as well as joint EU positions on international events on the development agenda.

The working party sessions are also attended by representatives of all Member States, the EC, and the EEAS. The working party has a rotating chairmanship (representative of the country holding the EU Council Presidency).

Document topics: EU development policy; budget support; cohesion policy for development; aid effectiveness; the EU's role in the context of global health; empowering women in the context of development policy; democracy support in developing countries; climate change; official development assistance (ODA); joint programming; food security in developing countries, etc.

Documents drafted by the Working Party in the first half of 2012 under the Danish EU Council Presidency.

  1. Council Conclusions: ‘Increasing the Impact of EU Development Policy: an Agenda for Change';
  2. Council Conclusions: The Future Approach to EU Budget Support to Third Countries;
  3. Council Conclusions: EU 2011 Report on Policy Coherence for Development;
  4. Council Conclusions: 2011 Annual Report to the European Council on Development Aid Targets.
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