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What is noql and how is it produced?

Noql is an Afghan delicacy. Simply put, it is a piece of candy consisting of an almond covered in icing. The finest noqlis produced using the best species of large almond. Noql production makes use of a specialized large dish in which the almonds are covered in icing with a dash of vinegar (it is worth noting that the vinegar is practically indistinguishable in flavour).

Making noql may be a good idea for small businesses. That is why one of the 37 projects operated by the Polish-American PRT Ghazni team and financed by the MFA comprises a workshop devoted to noql production. The workshop was targeted at men from the agricultural district of Khwajah’ Omari. The project’s aim was to train 30 men in the production of noql.

In line with the project’s structure, the workshops were conducted in two phases and covered three locations: the villages of Bene Sang, Dehdarat, and Deh Daulat. Workshop participants were acquainted with every step of the process to produce noql. They also gained theoretical knowledge in the scope of recipes, production, and distribution.

Twenty-five percent of the profits coming from sales were treated as remuneration for the project’s participants. The remaining funds were reinvested in raw materials to continue production after the workshop ended.

During a ceremony to mark the end of the workshop, each of the participants received a training certificate. Such projects not only provide the skills necessary to operate on the labour market, but first and foremost help improve the material standing of local communities in Ghazni Province. 

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