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Vice-President of the International Red Cross visits the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Vice President of the International Committee of the Red Cross met, among others, Deputy Minister Konrad Pawlik, which is responsible at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for development cooperation and Eastern policy. Trends in international humanitarian aid development, the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross in helping civilian victims of conflicts and the current humanitarian situation of Ukrainian citizens in relation to military activities ongoing in the east of the country were the main issues raised at Tuesday's meeting of Deputy Minister Pawlik with Mrs Christine Beerli.

Minister Pawlik stressed the great importance of missions of the International Committee of the Red Cross in countries affected by armed conflicts. Furthermore, he expressed Poland’s unwavering support for further actions of the Committee in countries which face prolonged crises (South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria) and in Ukraine which is affected by the armed conflict.

Every year, Poland supports the activity of the International Committee of the Red Cross which marks its presence in conflict hot spots around the world. As a neutral aid donor, this organisation pursues actions for the benefit of civilian victims in places which are very hard to access for security reasons.

In his conversation with Mrs Beerli, Minister Pawlik referred to three ways of providing humanitarian aid applied by Poland, i.e. providing direct bilateral aid to countries in need (e.g. by organising humanitarian aid transports or material aid purchases), co-funding humanitarian projects carried out by Polish NGOs and making payments by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to international humanitarian organisations, including the International Committee of the Red Cross (multilateral aid).

Vice-President Beerli thanked for the Polish contribution to the Committee's activity and very positively evaluated our country's aid measures carried out for the benefit of countries affected by conflicts. She stressed the great potential of Poland as a humanitarian aid donor, which – over the past years – has evolved from a developing country into a country which consistently and thoughtfully pursues policy to support politically and economically unstable countries.


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