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Ukrainian fire-fighters trained by Polish counterparts

The co-hosting with Ukraine of the EURO 2012 Football Championship served as an additional impulse to implement measures linked to public safety in the two countries. It was also a motivation for closer cooperation between agencies responsible for protecting the lives, health, and property of citizens, and for efficient government.

The contacts that were established and the activities initiated led to a series of workshops and conferences held in 2012, addressed to institutions and people responsible for public safety in Ukraine. One of the key project organizers was the Main School of the State Fire Service, which noted the low safety of rescue operations during indoor fires and the obsolete personal protective equipment used by fire fighting teams.

A series of workshop and training exercises dealing with such issues was thus organized. The effective and spectacular exercises included the use of training simulators, which made it possible to adopt the right reactions in fire fighting, emergency rescue, evacuation, and ventilation. Over 600 fire-fighters from Lviv took part in the training. An additional 10 firemen acquired new skills in the technical servicing of a breathing equipment maintenance post.

The Polish side provided the Ukrainian partners – including, in particular, the Lviv University of Life Safety – not just with Polish knowledge and experience. Emergency rescue equipment was also purchased, including 30 personal protection sets (breathing equipment, clothing, helmets), respiratory tract protection equipment (including oxygen tanks and masks) as well as a breathing equipment maintenance post.

Complementing all of the above activities were seminars for senior fire service and central government officials – the people who will decide on the directions and development of emergency services.


Projects no. 214/2012 “Modern personal protection equipment for fire fighters – legal norms, usage, and practical maintenance” (project cost: PLN 403 598, including PLN 361,652 in grants) and no. 215/2013 “Fire fighting exercises – present and future” (cost: PLN 440,261, including PLN 394,723 in Polish aid funds).

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