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UN OCHA outreach meeting

On  October 12, 2010, a UN OCHA outreach meeting took place in Warsaw. The meeting was one in a series of meetings of high level representatives of aid donors and humanitarian aid experts. The event was organised by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA), and hosted on behalf of the MFA by Mr. Krzysztof Stanowski, the Ministry's Undersecretary of State; UN OCHA was represented by Ms. Catherine Bragg, Assistant Secretary-General of the UN for Humanitarian Affairs.

The headline for this year's meeting was: Humanitarian Partnership Forum for Emerging Donors - Good practice in multilateral humanitarian action.

UN OCHA meetings have been organised since 2005 and are aimed at disseminating the humanitarian principles, informing about OCHA's leading role in aid co-ordination within the UN System and about the UN's humanitarian aid activities. The series of meetings was launched in Abu Dhabi and last year's event took place in Tallin.

The Warsaw meeting lasted one day and comprised four sessions with presentations from representatives of OCHA, DG ECHO,  national governments and other organisations (including Global Humanitarian Assistance, People in Need, the Polish Humanitarian Organisation and the International Committee of the Red Cross). The core topics of discussion panels were:

  • multilateral aid with particular emphasis on co-ordination and financing - on the particular example of the recent floods in Pakistan;
  • sharing experience from humanitarian aid activities in Haiti;
  • humanitarian principles and the current trends in multinational humanitarian campaigns;
  • partnership with civil society organisations in humanitarian aid provision.

The meeting was attended by over 85 Polish and foreign experts on humanitarian aid (representatives of NGOs, the academia and state administration), representing 31 countries.

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