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They marched to support fight against world hunger

Walk the World March took place in Warsaw on May 13, 2007. The event was organised by the programme Master in International Management (MIM) and the Community of European Management Schools at the Warsaw School of Economics - as part of the UN Fight Hunger Programme.

The marchers gathered at 1 p.m., as did people in 15 other European capitals, to express solidarity with those suffering from hunger and poverty worldwide.

Having been greeted in the Agrykola Park by the organisers and the African rhythms delivered by the Ricky Lion and Bongo Bongo music bands, the marchers pranced towards the Zamkowy Square. The young animators  (predominantly students) and their pure and honest idea-promoting approach gave the event a truly spontaneous and enthusiastic touch. The colourful group passed through Warsaw's most picturesque spots (Prusa Street, Plac Trzech Krzyży, Nowy Świat), giving out leaflets and encouraging passers-by to show a more active attitude towards the problem of malnourishment in 15 per cent of world population. The people reacted positively, with words of support; some even joined the marchers. The weather was great on that Sunday afternoon which made the whole event even more optimistic and fuelled the marching crowd with extra energy to combat the world's most significant problems.

The first marchers to reach the Zamkowy Square were presented with commemorative t-shirts with WFP logos. The March ended with refreshments, official thank-yous for presence and an enthusiastic appeal to support those in need.

The organisers and volunteers participating in the March are already planning an event on a much larger scale next year.

The March was financed by subventions from the Polish Aid programme administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The institutions supporting Walk the World March were: the UN,  CEMS MIM Programme and Forum for Economic Education Development.

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