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The last edition of SENSE 2012 ends

The SENSE training course (Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise) organized for participants from Egypt and Libya ended on 19 October, 2012 in Warsaw. It was the last edition of SENSE planed for 2012. The training course was attended by 47 civil servants from public administration, non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

During a week-long visit, invited guests participated in negotiation training and simulation exercises in running a hypothetical country. Every participant played an assigned role and took decisions of strategic importance for the country. The simulation exercise enabled the participants to see the long-term consequences of their decisions.

Libyan and Egyptian participants met with experts from the Polish Information and Foreign  Investment Agency (PAIIZ) and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). They became familiar with Poland’s economic transformation and its investment opportunities. They also met with the Speaker of the Senate, Mr. Bogdan Borusiewicz, who told them about the Polish road to democracy.

“I believe that your motivation to pursue transformation stems from your rejection of lies and violence. Poland has been closely following the developments in Egypt and Libya. For us, they represent yet another wave of freedom, which this time has swept through the Arab countries. We support you not only because of our experience, but also because a democratic country should and must support democratic transformations, wherever they occur." The Speaker also answered questions concerning the Polish parliamentary system, the electoral system, the role of Senate, co-operation with the opposition and Poland’s relations with Egyptian and Libyan authorities.

The closing ceremony of the SENSE course was attended by Deputy Minister Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz. In her closing address, the Deputy Minister said that “Recent developments in North Africa and the Middle East mandate our strong and coordinated support for the local entities. Since the onset of the “Arab Spring”, Poland, an EU Member State, has been consistently supporting  the development of co-operation with these countries, especially when it comes to their democratic transformation.”

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