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The end of malaria! Non-pharmacological prophylaxis of plasmodiosis with particular emphasis on pregnant women and children

In Cacuaco district there is a high incidence of malaria resulting from population density, proximity of swamps and contamination of the natural environment. An additional problem is posed by the fact that the local people often do not recognize the symptoms of malaria. Consequently, diagnoses are late and despite delivery of intensive treatment, many patients die. An educational campaign for the inhabitants of Cacuaco was therefore part of the project. Moreover, mosquito nets, medicines, baby hygiene products and laboratory equipment for diagnosing malaria and other diseases were purchased for St. Lucas Health Centre in Kifangondo. The initiative was aimed at curbing malaria incidence in the area, with particular emphasis on children and pregnant women. A team of Polish doctors took part in the endeavour: apart from regular medical consultations and hospital work, they also conducted training courses and delivered lectures.

Project carried out by:

Divine Word Missionaries - Centre for Missions



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