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Supporting transformation

Supporting transformation processes in partner countries

Over the last twenty-five years, Poland has made great progress, setting a good example of peaceful systemic transition. This process covered nearly all fields of social and political activity. The substantial experience gained during that time can be a valuable lesson for partners from Eastern Europe and other global regions which have embraced change in recent years. By showing engagement today, Poland pays back its debt to the countries that helped us in the 1980's. We also believe that our transformation in the 1990's would not have been so successful had it not been for the support of stronger partners.

Public administration bodies play an increasingly active role in supporting systemic transition in partner countries. Polish ministries, agencies and local governments are staffed with people who have the right kind of professional background and extensive expertise. This allows us to effectively help public administrations (e.g. in the Eastern Partnership countries) conduct successful social and economic reforms. Polish NGOs also take a big part in implementing projects that fall within this thematic area. Due to our geographic and cultural proximity, and the experience of rejecting the communist system, we are an attractive partner for our eastern neighbours.

For more information about selected actions by Polish entities to support transformation in developing countries, see the MFA publication Poland’s transformation experiences in the Polish aid programme. Review of initiatives financed by the Polish MFA as part of development cooperation in the years 2010-2013 supporting systemic transformation in developing countries.

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