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Support for the World Food Programme in Afghanistan

Every year harsh winter season in Afghanistan with heavy snow falls and temperature averaging around -20C degrees takes its toll. The most vulnerable Afghan citizens living in the immediate vicinity of Kabul have their lives threatened by lack of heating, food and basic means of support.

According to Julie Martinez – the World Food Program’s worker in Afghanistan - “Informal settlements located in Kabul’s neighbourhood house anywhere from a few families to more than 6,000 people. At the site, I witnessed the disastrous conditions that numerous families were living in during the extremely cold winter months.”

In 2012 Ministry of Foreign Affairs transferred 1 mln PLN to international organizations and humanitarian funds aiming to support the World Food Program in Afghanistan. The means provided by Poland were used for the purchase of high energy biscuits, which will help local communities to survive harsh winter months. “Thanks to the generous support of donors such as Poland, WFP can provide life-saving emergency assistance in crisis situations” – Martinez concludes.

The video below was recorded in Kabul during the shipment of products purchased thanks to the Polish finance contribution and it consists of words of gratitude for the support of the World Food Program’s actions conducted in Afghanistan. 

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