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Support for East Kazakhstan's rural areas through increasing the potential of the local Voluntary Fire-fighters Service

The mountainous terrain (the Altai Mountains), the harsh climate and the peripheral situation of eastern Kazakhstan, close to the Russian and Chinese borders, all contribute to the region's isolation. The aim of this project was optimisation of rural development priorities for the region, achieved by strengthening the local groups of activists and by facilitating their inclusion in the local decision-making processes and implementation of their own initiatives. The target group selected for this project were voluntary fire-fighters. An element of the project was a study visit for the Kazakh partners who learned about the Polish experience in organisation of Polish voluntary fire-fighters' service and its importance for rural areas development in Poland. As part of the project, a series of training courses were conducted in five Kazakh forest administration regions. The scope of subjects varied from setting up NGOs in Kazakhstan through acquisition of external funding to implementation of rural development projects and the experience of Polish voluntary fire brigades. Additionally, project funds were expended on the purchase of a fire-fighters' truck, equipment and computer equipment for the Kazakh brigades which participated in the project.

Project caried out by:

Romincka Forest Foundation

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