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Strengthening and professionalisation of agricultural advisory services in the Republic of Moldova

The project was implemented in collaboration with the National Agency for Rural Development in Kishinev. Its direct beneficiaries were Moldovan agricultural advisors and consultants. The initiative's target was to improve the economic standing of Moldovan farms through an analysis of their economic activity levels. The intended outcome, to be achieved also thanks to the introduction of rational support programmes, was diversifi cation of production and inclusion of renewable energy in the scope of farmers' activities. The project offered a training course in renewable energy sources and a workshop in the European accounting data collection system for the agricultural sector (FADN). Course participants had meetings with representatives of Polish local and central governments, agricultural agendas, farmer's self-government and farmers' organisation. Field work was also part of the project.

Project carried out by:

Pomeranian Agricultural Advisory Centre in Gdańsk, Stare Pole Branch


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