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Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise Programme

The end of the year 2006 brought the conclusion of a series of trainings which constituted a part of a SENSE Programme (Strategic Economic Needs and Security Exercise). The Centre for East European Studies of Warsaw University was entrusted with the administration of the event.

The basic idea underlying the programme was to train three groups of participants (above all representatives of government and non-governmental circles, and state institutions) from Moldova and Ukraine as well as representatives of Belarusian civil society.

The programme was thought to give participants an opportunity to understand connections and relations between security, economic development and building of democratic society. It was also organised in order to give hands-on experience in the field of managing the process of economic transformation.

The programme was composed by two parts: an academic one (which included seminars on political, social and economic transformation) and a simulation one. Computer-based simulations allowed participants to acquire, in a very practical manner, knowledge on possible ways of managing a country with market-based economy. The above-mentioned simulations took place in the War Games and Simulation Centre of National Defence University in Rembertów.

Three groups of participants were included in the programme:

  • July 14 - 21 SENSE session - Moldova, 42 participants;
  • September 29 - October 7 SENSE session - Ukraine, 45 participants;
  • November 23 - December 16 SENSE session - Belarus, 73 participants. Mr. Alexander Milinkiewicz, one of the leaders of Belarusian opposition, was present at the programme closing ceremony.

The simulations were conducted by coaches from the United States Institute of Peace and also by Polish coaches who have obtained adequate qualifications.  

The seminars and the computer-based simulations were very favourably evaluated by the participants who have underlined that the programme has provided many important new experiences and it has also offered a deeper knowledge drawn from Polish experiences of the transformation period.

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