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SENSE Training for the representatives of Egypt and Libya

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration (KSAP) organizes the “Strategic Economist Needs and Security Exercise” training for civil servants from Egypt and Libya on 15-19 October 2012.

The training will be attended by 47 representatives from these countries.

SENSE is a type of training course focusing for example on computer simulation of State’s functioning combined with market economy. The Programme was created for unstable States, in which political, economic and social changes are still in progress. The main aim of the Project is to strengthen government’s administration actions in beneficiary countries, to support aspirations for incorporation of reforms and to promote rules of good government on different levels of government’s administration. The schedule of the training course is realized on the basis of American license of the Institute for Defence Analyses.

The training lasts a week and is two-part constructed. The first is an introductory one during which participants are going to familiarize themselves with techniques of negotiation and participate in leadership workshops. The second one is in form of computer simulation. The 3-day formula of the Programme devoted to computer simulation allows its participants to familiarize with an approximate project of hypothetical State’s multiannual management.

In accordance with interest of invited guests in the experience of Polish institutions functioning in an economic environment, the SENSE training for Libya and Egypt is very attractive because of additional meetings with the representatives of the Polish Information and International Investment Agency and  the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. The additional element of the visit will be also meeting with Mr. Bogdan Borusewicz, the Marshal of the Senate.

A present SENSE training for Libya and Egypt is aligned with the conception of wide Polish involvement in supporting democratic transformations in North Africa. From the beginning of 2011 through numerous undertakings countries of North Africa were assisted not only in developmental process but also in promoting democratic rules. Among others, a similar training for the delegation from Tunisia was held.

The training for the representatives of Egypt and Libya is a next edition of the SENSE Programme planned for 2012 (in August 2012 the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized training for the Eastern Partnership countries and Kyrgystan and in September for Myanmar). The Programme has been realized by Poland since 2006 and financed from the development co-operation funds.

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