Polska pomoc

Polish aid program's graphic sign

We are proud to present the graphic sign of Polish development cooperation programme "Polish aid". Please acquaint yourselves with the guidelines regarding its use and modes of informing about funding of projects implemented as part of the Polish development cooperation programme.

Logo of the Polish aid program

The sole proprietor of the "Polish aid" graphic sign is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Partners of the Polish development cooperation programme and other entities shall have the right to use the sign upon receipt of permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It shall be granted for the duration of the given task/project/programme.

We wish to remind kindly that all organisations and institutions which have received funding from the Polish development co-operation programme to implement projects and other undertakings related to development and humanitarian aid as well as development education and volunteering programme are under obligation to:

  • provide information on project funding;
  • use the graphic sign of Polish aid programme.

Detailed guidelines concerning the use of the Polish aid logo can be found in adjacent column.

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