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If you are interested in Polish development and humanitarian aid, we invite you to visit our YouTube channel Polish aid.

In particular, we would like to attract your attention to the following videos:

“The Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration”

The Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration is a programme providing training for professional civil servants from the Eastern Partnership countries, financed from polish aid funds. The programme includes lectures and workshops held by experienced experts and practitioners. Participants of the programme have an opportunity to become familiar including the issues concerning the reform of civil service, the reform of self-governments, and European negotiations. The report produced during the Academy's autumn edition in 2013 presents the participants of the programme while they were having classes in the National School of Public Administration (KSAP) and study visits. Participants of the Academy share experiences gained in their countries, impressions from their stay in Poland, and newly acquired knowledge.

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“The Colours of Memories”

The civil war which has erupted in Syria in 2011 has claimed tens of thousands of victims and has forced nearly two million refugees to flee the country. 

Most of the refugees settled in towns located along the Jordanian-Syrian border. Jacek and Rafał, two Polish Caritas volunteers, found their way to one of those places. In the framework of the Polish aid program they carried out an educational project for hundreds of Syrian children, trying to rebuild their sense of security and restore their joy of life.

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“SENSE Polish aid”

Documentary on Polish development cooperation on the example of SENSE 2012 organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the National School of Public Administration.

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“Boys from Nueva Cúa”

Nueva Cúa is a small town which lies 40 minutes by train from Caracas. Favelas, neglected districts ruled by local gangs, have become one of the most dangerous places in South America. Gangs fighting each other have divided the city into invisible zones of influence where multi-generational revenge takes its toll every year.

Nevertheless, even here one can find inspired people determined to change things for the better. A group of young sports fans has decided to provide an alternative to the violence by renovating a devastated pitch and opening a sports club instead. The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Caracas helped to finance the project using funds from the MFA development assistance programme. In May 2010, first tournament between the feuding Nueva Cúa districts took place on the pitch.

In Latin America, sport is not just proof of physical strength, but also of personal development and friendship. Thus, the pitch quickly became the centre of cultural and sports life. It is also considered an oasis of peace and a place of social gatherings for local inhabitants.

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“Let there be peace and bread”

Film was shot in 2010 in Nikozi – a small Georgian village with a beautiful 5th-century monastery – which is located in one of the hardest hit areas in Georgia during the 2008 South Ossetia War. It is situated only 300 meters away from the demarcation line between Georgia and the occupied territories of South Ossetia. The film features a small community living in the shadow of Russian army units stationed nearby. It is a story of fear, lack of money and perspectives, but also of young people’s hopes for the future provided by the fast-developing cultural and educational centre in the monastery.

The project was implemented by the Foundation for the Promotion of Georgian Culture and Economy, and co-financed by Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the 2010 development assistance programme.

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“You deserve to know”

Film was shot in 2009 in Kibera, one of the biggest African slums. The story depicts the positive side of the slum, showing the power of information and people's grassroots initiatives. The film features six social initiatives by local innovators who are trying to change the face of their dwelling place. Those engaged might be described as humble leaders in this community of one million people. Their basic and sometimes only resources are ingenuity, talent and engagement. Therefore, journalists, radio hosts and artists engaged in the project use art to remind people of the need for peace in the country. There are also theatre creators wish to raise crucial social matters, such as violence or danger connected with HIV/AIDS, while young local innovators want to produce electric energy using solar panels.

The project was conducted by the Poland-East Africa Economic Foundation, and co-financed by Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the 2009 development assistance programme.

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“Fencers for Palestine”

Film portrays life in the Al-Amari refugee camp in Ramallah, the city which serves as the seat of the Palestinian National Authority. The documentary lets us witness the daily lives of the camp's inhabitants. This is a tale of people who, despite the unfavourable political situation and personal hardships, still try to live their dreams and fulfil their ambitions by developing their sports rivalry skills in fencing. The film also features Poles who decide to work and live life as normal in this distant place, where normality is seemingly impossible.

The project was conducted by the Tischner European University, and co-financed by Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the 2007-2009 development assistance programme.

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