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Polish Aid helps train Kenya’s firefighters

Creating and developing professional vocational training institutions for firemen is one of the most important activities in reducing disproportions in firefighting expertise among Kenya’s firemen.

In the past five years, thanks to the involvement of the Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) Foundation, the effectiveness of fire services has increased in 19 out of Kenya’s 47 counties. Almost 40% of Kenya’s firemen received training in rope and water rescue and first aid. In 2017, a training centre was opened for firemen and new recruits in Kiambu near Nairobi. It is now being extended.

The first conference of heads of Kenya’s fire services, dedicated to improving security in Kenya, was held on 24-26 April. It was organised by the PCPM Foundation as part of a development assistance project financed by the Polish MFA.

It brought together representatives of Kenya’s fire services and local authorities, the Polish Embassy in Nairobi, and UN-HABITAT. The conference was also attended by delegations of fire brigades from 24 counties whose total population exceeds 25m. The event was prepared in collaboration with the Chief Fire Officers’ Association of Kenya.

In the next months, a fire services training system will be developed. It will feature four levels offering professional diplomas. The programme will be prepared thanks to the PCPM, which implements Polish Aid activities in collaboration with the Kenya Airport Authority, Kenya Wildlife Service and other state institutions. From the central authorities’ side, TVETA (Technical and Vocational Education Training Authority) is responsible for the certification of the school and its training system.

The education programme aims to support the management of domestic fire services by improving their effectiveness and speeding up their operations.



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