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Polish Aid helps Georgian mountain rescuers save more lives

On 20-27 October 2018, Georgian mountain rescue teams from the Kazbegi and Svaneti regions and members of Georgian administration paid a study visit to Poland.

The visit crowned a three year-long cooperation project “Support for administration in building mountain rescue structures in Georgia’s Kazbegi and Svaneti regions and in the Kazbegi mountain range,” which was run by the International Core for Assistance and Development (ICAD). The project aimed to further develop mountain rescue in Georgia using Polish Aid. The visitors took part in specialist lectures and screenings by experienced trainers from the Beskids and Podhale Groups of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue GOPR, and from the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue TOPR. By studying new methods and honing their technical skills, the participants learned how to better respond to dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Training of Georgian mountain rescuers. Photo ICAD Foundation

The programme presented methods of using helicopters and medical equipment in mountain rescue, rescue dog training, as well as mountain wall and river rescue. The Foundation holds theoretical and practical training courses for mountain rescuers in Georgia, and provides them with the necessary professional rescue equipment. The project is co-funded by the MFA’s Polish Aid development cooperation programme.

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