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Poland supports Syrian refugees and the local population in Jordan

As part of the Polish Aid programme, in cooperation with Caritas Poland and the Free-Syria Foundation, humanitarian aid has been provided to Jordan since April 2016, including the delivery of food and baby-care items as well as psychological assistance. Moreover, since August 2016, Caritas Poland has been carrying out a project aimed at ensuring shelter for beneficiaries by enabling them to pay rent.

Food aid and shelter support – Caritas Poland

Dealing with malnutrition and the lack of a well-balanced diet among children and infants is a basic need for Syrian families. Since April 2016, a food voucher distribution programme has been implemented in the northern part of Jordan, which hosts the largest number of Syrian refugees. The project is run by Caritas Poland in cooperation with Caritas Jordan in the provinces of Amman, Irbid, Mafraq, and Zarqa. As part of the initiative, Syrian refugees and the indigent local population receive monthly support in accordance with identified needs, in the form of vouchers for basic groceries, fresh food or baby products, including infant formula. Thanks to the Polish Aid Programme, assistance has been offered to more than 400 of the poorest families.

Shelter provision is the biggest problem for all Syrian families and indigent Jordanians. Today, thanks to the Polish aid programmes, shelter has been given to more than 250 families. Since August, aid programmes for refugees and the local population have been running in the provinces of Irbid and Mafraq, also involving the distribution of ATM cards, which enable beneficiaries to withdraw funds necessary to pay their rent. Plans are  underway to continue the project in 2017, also in the province of Amman.

Project No. PH2016/J/3: “Relief Aid for Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians

Project No. PHBWiU/2016/J/1: “Responding to immediate shelter needs of Syrian refugees and vulnerable Jordanians

Indispensable psychological support for refugees – Free-Syria Foundation

Thanks to the Polish Aid programme, a psychological and psychiatric clinic has been operating in the city of Irbid, close to the northern border with Syria, since April 2016. The programme offers support to children and adults who escaped from combat zone and suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. The project is coordinated by the Free Syria Foundation in cooperation with a local partner, the Syrian American Medical Society. The clinic offers therapy, individual and group sessions for women, children, and men who need support as well as training for representatives of Jordanian relief organisations who work with refugees on an everyday basis. Nearly 5000 patients have received psychological assistance since the project was launched. The clinic employs a team of 13 people, most of whom are Syrian specialists.

A team of qualified Polish psychologists have cooperated with the clinic as part of the project. Apart from conducting therapy, they provide supervision and staff training, perform analyses of the clinic's needs and potential, and cooperate with other aid organisations working in the region. Improving the qualifications of local psychologists and humanitarian workers will increase the sustainability of the project after its completion.

Project No. PH2016/J/6: “Enhancing the availability and the scope of psychological care for Syrian refugees in Irbid in Jordan

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