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Poland stands ready to support Ukrainian reforms

“Ukraine is going through a very difficult time. Poland wants to help Ukraine overcome it, and stands ready to do so,” Minister Radosław Sikorski said when opening the meeting with his Ukrainian guest at the MFA office. “We appreciate your support. It’s at times like this that you realize there’s much truth in the saying: a friend in need is a friend indeed,” replied Vice Prime Minister Hroisman.

The interlocutors discussed the situation in Ukraine in the context of security, politics and finances. “Looking from inside, I can see what state our country is in,” said Vice Prime Minister Hroisman. “Ukraine has been ruined not only by Yanukovytsch, but also by the twenty years in which no reforms have been made,” underscored Minister Sikorski.

The deputy chief of Ukraine’s government assured the Polish side that one of his priorities was to devolve power by reforming local governments, a measure that would grant local authorities more competencies and thus ensure a more effective governance of the state, while keeping its unity. “We are interested in Polish experiences in this field.”

Minister Sikorski offered Ukraine prompt expert assistance in reforming the country’s local governments and finances, and fighting corruption. Details are to be agreed at a working level.

Vice Prime Minister Hroisman told the Polish side that the Ukrainian government had adopted a number of laws to bring the country closer to the abolishment of visas by the European Union. Ukraine has entered into visa dialogue with the EU to achieve visa-free travel. Before proceeding to phase 2, however, Kyiv must meet several conditions, such as adopting anti-corruption and refugees laws, and introducing biometric passports. “The government has already approved two pieces of legislation. In the coming days we will deal with the issue of biometric passports,” said Hroisman.

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