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Poland contributes 50 mln euro to EIB programme focused on countries affected with the migration crisis

Poland was the first EU country to sign the agreement with the European Investment Bank on joining the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI). The €50m is an unprecedented contribution by Poland to a migration crisis-related programme.

Polish participation stems from the government’s firm belief that the most efficient way of dealing with the migration crisis is to provide assistance on the spot and in adjacent countries. Joining the ERI is a sign of solidarity in addressing the EU neighbourhood’s major developmental, humanitarian and migration challenges. It also reflects Poland’s close partnership with the European Investment Bank and our growing role within it. The Polish contribution is the highest among the EU member states to date.

The ERI will operate in the Southern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans. It aims to increase the resilience of their economies to shocks, such as the Syrian refugee crisis. The programme focuses on vital infrastructure, private sector development, sustainable growth and job creation. Poland’s contribution will be earmarked for activities in Lebanon, Jordan and the West Bank, which is consistent with the Polish Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2016-2020.

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