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Photo exhibition “Lens on Development”

The exhibition is composed of 32 boards which reflect everyday life, culture and problems that inhabitants of developing countries have been struggling with. It presents photos awarded in the MFA competitions “Lens on development 2011” and “Lens on development 2013”. The aim of both competitions was to draw attention of the Polish society to development problems and challenges facing the contemporary world.

The first competition was an international one and served as a promotional event accompanying the European Development Days organized as part of the Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Works could be submitted in three thematic categories: “Water – the source of life and health,” “Education and entrepreneurship as the key to better life,” “Impact of the natural environment on human life” and as a photo story in one of the above-mentioned categories.  The competition received 1,760 entries from across the EU.

The second edition of the competition organized jointly with National Geographic Polska was addressed to Poles only. The authors of photos competed in three thematic categories: “Democracy and human rights in development,” “Education and entrepreneurship as the key to better life,” and “Impact of the natural environment on human life.” A total of 1,240 works were sent in, out of which the jury awarded several entries.

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